Supposedly having lived all her life in Everlast, although no one can remember her parents or where she came from, Lucas believes her to be his Fair Maiden.


Played by Blake Lively.


Amanda is said to have been raised in Everlast. When asked about this, residents of Everlast agree with it but don’t remember her parents or where she came from. Targar and Lemmings both lived in Everlast, Targar for much longer than Lemmings, but neither could tell you more about her than the “fact” that she was raised there. According to Lucas, Amanda is his Fair Maiden.

In Everlast Amanda gave Lucas back his silver dagger that once it spilled Furbolg blood turned into his epic sword. This happened during the legendary battle that saved Everlast for the second time.

Appears in:
1. The Unveiling
2. The Doctor is in


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