A halfling that like Lemmings was a prisoner of the Bonegnawers, but not at the same time.


Played by Allison Hannigan.


Brietta was a happy go lucky kind of girl…before the Bonegnawers got their hands on her. She thought she had lost that innocence forever, that lust for life and that she’d never smile again. But that was before Lemmings Fleetfoot the third saved her. She had never seen a gallant Halfling, a brave man of her kind.

At The Party she worked up the courage to approach him and together they had a magical night together. Brietta would soon be leaving for Dale and when Lemmings left the next day he promised to come back to her after he was done in the Dwarven Kingdom of the North.

Appears in:
5. The Party
18. Confusion
19. Then there were Four
20. A Change of Pace


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