A human ranger and a member of The Swift Falcons. Derek is renowned for his extensive knowledge of the North, in all aspects, and few know why he isn't a scholar in one of the greater cities of the Realms.


Played by Tim Robbins.

Derek is an older man, cautious and calm in demeanor. He seems focused and detached in almost all his actions and if anything intrigues him he asks direct, concise questions until his curiosity is sated.


He and Targar talked a lot after the rescue of the people from the Bonegnawers and during The Party. Derek finally realized that he was talking to the Dwarf Lord and asked Targar: “Are you him?” which Targar could not answer, since he didn’t realize himself that he was the Dwarf Lord. Targar made quite the impression on Derek and he thinks very highly of him.

Appears in:
5. The Party
17. The Coronation


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