A spirit that first appeared to Midras as a purple smoked figure. It later got him to smoke herbs that he had never seen before and then possessed him.


Played by Viggo Mortensen.


This vile spirit first appeared to Midras “Manyfriends” as a purple smoked figure and took time to gain his trust. After The Formidable Five had saved the people from the Bonegnawers, right before The Party, Dragnor saw special herbs in the forest that fit perfectly into his plan. He pestered Midras to take them until he did so and then told him to smoke it, preferably with someone. He found four maidens to join him and they went into the woods and did exactly that. Midras continued to smoke the herbs for a week until he had become weakened to possessions. Then in the middle of the night Dragnor possessed Midras and got him to try and burn the books Mata Nui had found regarding The Evil.

Viggo is cast for this role because of his unforgettable portrayal of the Devil in God’s secret army.

Appears in:
7. The Dwarf Lord


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