According to Lucas this lady is a fair maiden for another Brother of the Silversun.


Played by Meg Ryan.


Lucas Silversun believes that Iliana is a fair maiden or another brother of the Brotherhood of the Silversun. She approached him at The Party and said that she had to know what HE saw in him and proceeded to drag him into the barn. There they made wild passionate love, his desire for her only rivaled by his even greater desire for Amanda. Afterwards she told him that she used to be the fair maiden of another Brother of the Brotherhood of the Silversun. Iliana pressed upon Lucas not to be dissuaded from the path he was on, to stay the course no matter what.

Before they left for the Dwarven Kingdom of the North Iliana approached Lemmings Fleetfoot the third and told him in so many words that Lucas had raped her or at least mistreated her during sex.

Appears in:
5. The Party


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