Mata Nui

A troubled Half-Elven rogue that lost many years of her life to amnesia and struggles to figure out who she really is.


Played by Lena Headey.

Mata Nui’s disadvantages are:

  • Reckless.
  • Ambitious.
  • Curiosity.
  • Envious.
  • Impious.
  • Scheming.

Mata Nui’s parents were adventurers. Her father died in tunnel cave in, but her mother escaped badly injured and was rescued by monks near the city of Procampur.

Procampur and the surrounding area

While she was recovering in the monastery of the monks, she and a monk became intimate. The result was a pregnancy, the result was Mata Nui. This brought shame to the monastery and the monk, so he was sent away in shame. Mata Nui’s mother died during childbirth. Mata entered this world innocent, but she was a bastard with demon blood because of her heritage.

As a child she played with the boys at the orphanage she grew up in. The girls of the orphanage were always adopted, all but Mata Nui. Finally, as she entered her teens, she was adopted by the famed magician Arcimedius. Sadly he didn’t do it out of the kindness of his heart but because of greed. He filled here head with promises of an apprenticeship to wizardry, but instead she had to do much work for him and give him the occasional blood, which was used for various experiments.

Arcimedius knew of her demonic ancestry and yearned her blood. He earned her trust before beginning his experiments but it was his purpose all along. He saw her demonic ancestry and used her to gain power in demonic magic. The experiments grew more vile and vile until he finally used her and her blood to summon a terrible Demon.

One night The Demon got free. The Demon left Mata in her dungeon and said he’d be back to “deal with her” later. Then he went up the tower and killed Arcimedius, destroying the tower in the process.

When our campaign starts Mata Nui does not remember The Demon or how she escaped the dungeon, but she got out of there as a the floor opened below her and a “natural” tunnel led her through the darkness and upp to the surface, far outside of Procampur. She was oblivious to the life she had lived there. She headed North and has had a thirst for wandering ever since, subconsciously knowing that she’s running away from something but not knowing what.

Mata Nui

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