Sir Henry/Hank

At one point he was Mata's one true love, he saved Lemmings from the Bonegnawers, he's Lucas's "brother" in the Brotherhood of the Silversun, he's Roxy's brother and he helped Midras accept and deal with who he is.


Played by Billy Zane.

Mata's dream


In his first appearance we see him in the throws of passion with Mata Nui in a beautiful ornate fine wood bead with posts and a canopy, covered in marvelous white satin sheets. There is light all around them and that is all that can be seen. They confess their love for each other and declare that they wish to always stay together. In the end the mysterious man says that her bracelet is a thing of great power that could be used to do so much good, it could in fact save the world.

In his second appearance we see from the memories of Lemmings Fleetfoot the third the door of his cage open and this mysterious savior standing there with an outreached hand saying: “It’s all right, you’re safe now little man!”

In his third appearance we see him stab Lucas in the back with a needle, to distract him as he’s playing chess with Ronald while Master Mubai is teaching them about the importance of concentration. He a is a brother in the Brotherhood of the Silversun and he calls Lucas his brother.

In his fourth appearance he comes to visit Targar and Roxy at their home in Everlast, because he’s Roxy’s long lost brother. He brings along Mesnor with him, who is also a paladin.

In his fifth appearance he helps Midras calm down after a very disturbing night. Their talk becomes the basis of Midras’s acceptance of himself and the foundation of how he can deal with it.

Appears in:
2. The Doctor is in
4. Guess who’s coming for dinner
11. Wading through the Vortex
12. Crossing the Fiery Course of Constructs
17. The Coronation
18. Confusion

Sir Henry/Hank

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