The Blue Stuff

The blue liquid that Doctor Muses created to preserve corpses. It also stops bleeding and causes an interesting high if ingested.


Blue liquid, a little thick, tasting as good as blueberry pie. It’s not so thick as to say that it’s hard to pour so you can easily put the liquid in vials and quickly use them for either drinking or to dress wounds that are bleeding.

This substance stops bleeding…among other things.


Doctor Muses created this liquid to preserve his son Peter when he was killed. Then it was transparent in color and tasted horribly, having a slight toxic effect if ingested. Doctor Muses has perfected the blend over the years and as he got all the more insane so did the liquid transform in the same manner. It became his favorite drug and since food and taste has always been important to him he didn’t stop until he had perfected the taste as well; the taste of blueberry pie. Then it was just a matter of changing the color. This liquid became his favorite project and he was constantly tinkering with it and improving, even after perfection.

The Blue Stuff

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