A Change of Pace

Session 20

Zhentil Keep Pc’s attending: Brianna Stormheart, Lemmings Fleetfoot the third & Lucas Silversun.

Npc’s: Ben Johnson, Brietta, Claire, Farmer Johnson, General Denton, Lance, Lord Velonof, Sammael, Tetyana & Volcheck.

Npc’s in flashbacks: Ambrose, Apollodorus & Ronald. Brianna Stormheart appeared as well.

Key Events:

  • Brianna Stormheart makes a bold move and immediately asks to join The Formidable Five, who were but four after Mata’s passing but are now whole again.
  • Lemmings comes up with a plan on how to get rid of the ring of awesome power and it involves traveling to Zhentil Keep. They set out the next morning from Dale, the morning after Mata’s death and after avenging her, and their journey to Zhentil Keep takes them 4 weeks.
  • Brietta, the halfling infatuated with Lemmings, joined The Formidable Five on their journey. During the 4 week journey Lemmings and Brietta become an item, joined not only by their feelings for one another but also by their mischievous behavior and tendency for borrowing things from other people.
  • During the 4 weeks Brianna and Lucas form a bond, strengthened even further by Lucas’s swords desire to “free” Brianna from her “delusions”. They start their bonding at a whore house at the first town they reach after Dale. As Lucas watches Brianna fuck 2 women at once, he becomes realizes that she’s more of a man in the sack then most men.
  • When they finally arrive in Zhentil Keep they searched high and low for Lord Velonof, a mage Lemmings had worked for when he journeyed through Zhentil Keep in his earlier days. Around them the citizens are ruled through fear and the elite abuse their power, for they see it as their right.
  • In the first bar they search for information, Brianna humiliates the burly official who was making advances at her, by besting him in arm wrestling. Lemmings uses the chance to rob him of his badge.
  • In the second bar, in the shadier part of town, Lemmings charms the barkeep with his necklace. He knew him from the olden days, the barkeep knowing all about Lemmings’s “borrowing” tendencies. The charmed barkeep helps Lemmings find Lord Volenof, despite the fact that just mentioning his name sends people in a state of distress. He gives Lemmings a key and when The Formidable Five hold it in the right location, they can see the otherwise invisible tower of Lord Volenof.
  • Since they came to Zhentil Keep, Brianna has been having her first experiences with sensing evil. As they enter Lord Velonof’s study at the top of the tower, his aura of evil is so putrid that it is as all the other evil she had sensed combined.
  • Lemmings asks Velonof to destroy the ring, which Velonof does with an awesome display of fire, shooting from his hands into the fireplace after having thrown the ring there. Then he tells Lemmings the price, which is that he has to stop The Evil from destroying the world itself. Volenof expresses a disdain for the religious fanaticism that he says runs rampant in this city. He doesn’t really want them to save the world (“…that would be too goody 2 shoes…”) but to stop it from being destroyed. When he shook Lemmings’s hand with his left hand, a V was burned into his hand and then disappeared.
  • After they leave they go back to the inn where they got their information, only to figure out shortly after that the people at the inn have sold them out to the Zhentarim. All of The Formidable Five were being distracted, none more so than Lucas who was royally fucking Tetyana. When confronted about her treachery, Tetyana jumped naked and manacled out the window, with Lucas shouting after her: “Come with us!”
  • The Formidable Five managed to escape thanks to Brianna’s fog creating capabilities and plotted a course after Brianna’s divine guidance, due south. Torm told her to ride and stop for nothing. The further south Lemmings traveled the more his V shaped invisible scar hurt his left hand.

Lemmings’s flashbacks:

We see a pair of eyes and they are closed. We’ve come to know this person so from the eyes alone we can see that it is none other than Lemmings Fleetfoot the third.

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A Change of Pace

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