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The Blob appears in The Doctor is in and is in fact Doctor Muses creation. In wishing to bring his son back to life Doctor Muses studied all the books he could find on resurrection, necromancy, alchemy and the like. He found a way of combining dead bodies into a massive structure, using his son’s body as the base. The whole bodies, or body parts depending on the state of the bodies Doctor Muses acquired, were inserted into his sons body and thanks to his now extensive alchemy knowledge Doctor Muses was able to stretch his sons skin indefinitely. The end result was the monstrosity that came to be known by others as the Blob.

When Mata Nui was going through Doctor Muses’s books she found references to similar beings, but nothing quite like the Blob. It seems as though Doctor Muses combined many different methods in making the Blob and therefor in and of itself it is a bit unique. What is very weird is that he didn’t use any magic per se, but rather drew from methods used by magic users.

The general appearance is similar to that of an abomination from World of Warcraft, although the lore and details are completely different.

Appears in:
2. The Doctor is in

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