Session 18

The Coven Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui, Midras “Manyfriends” & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Amber, Ben Johnson, Brianna, Brietta, Claire, Donna, Farmer Johnson, General Denton, Lance, Sammael & Volcheck.
Npc’s in flashbacks: Prologue – Sir Henry/Hank and Epilogue – Chilandra Nui & Sammael.

Key Events:

  • Mata fools the others into believing that the ring she swallowed was actually her +1 AC ring. Thus she gets to keep the awesome ring of power.
  • The Formidable Five arrive in Dale and are stiffly escorted to the barracks.
  • In the barracks they meet General Denton and Sammael. Denton governs the town while Sammael is a wandering monk who has taken a vow of non-interference. They tell The Formidable Five about Witches that are plaguing Dale and Denton pleads with them to look into the matter.
  • The survivors of the Bonegnawer abduction have a celebration in honor of The Formidable Five.
  • The Coven crashes the party and attacks The Formidable Five.
  • Under the influence of a spell, Lucas kills Mata Nui.
  • Midras is turned into a frog.
  • Lemmings’s “girlfriend” Brietta is taken by the Witches as they fly away.

Mata Nui’s prologue flashback:

Mata Nui and Sir Henry are enjoying a beautiful sunny day, the day Mata got her first dress; a beautiful orange one. They walk around not a care in the world. Sir Henry tells her that her name is beautiful and asks why she was given it. She doesn’t know and is not used to these social circumstances. Sir Henry notices and says: “Well, one things for sure and that is that it is a beautiful name” to which Mata replies: “Why thank you Sir Henry”. Sir Henry smiles and says: “Call me Hank.”

Mata Nui’s epilogue flashback:

We see a small room, a small bedchamber to be exact. A woman, an elven woman, is lying on the bed and a man, a human, is standing over her. Her face is worried and distraught while his face is filled with sorrow. He looks at her and tells her that The Order has exiled him from society itself. The penalty for breaking that

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