Deep Ones

The Deep Ones or Arkat Thur as they are called in dwarven, are an old race that live deep in the ground. It is said that a long time ago, sometime around when The Curse was set upon the dwarven race, the dwarves dug too deep into the ground and the Deep Ones were what they found.

The Deep Ones are a humanoid blend of a dwarf and stone; a primal version of a dwarf and rough hewn hard rock. Their hands are sharper than most any weapon you can find, armor piercing to any armor other than mithril.

Having such sharp hands the Deep Ones use them to cut stone and shape all their massive tunnels and stone structures, they don’t need any tools for it.

Other names: Arkats, Stoners (derogatory), The Clayborn (derogatory) & Thurs.

Legends: It is said that if the Deep Ones reach the surface that it will be the end of the Realms, the end of the world.

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Deep Ones

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