Citizens: Amanda, Apollodorus, Galvin Steamcup, Hester, Mayor Honeybeard, Roxy, Tog & Bog

In Everlast you will find:

Everlast is a town built just north of the river Ever, a massive flood of water coming from somewhere deep in the far reaches of the North and flowing all the long way to the west coast and out to sea.

It is not just named after the river but after the fact that it is the last human bastion; there are no human settlements further North in the Realms than Everlast. The Northlands of the Realms are a harsh place to live, filled with creatures that prey on anything and everything that they can. The people of Everlast are thus hard and strong, braving both extreme elements and violent monsters as a part of daily life.

Everlast was a town of 500 people and Targar Hammerfist lived there happily with his wife Roxy and their twin sons, Tog & Bog. A year before the campaign began Everlast was attacked by Furbolgs, an event that was the beginning of The Formidable Five, and during that attack Roxy was killed. Lemmings Fleetfoot the third had lived in the town for a few years at that time, the longest he’d stayed in one place during his adult life.

A year later, when The Formidable Five returned for The Unveiling, Everlast had grown to 1500 people thanks to Mayor Honeybeard’s propaganda of The Formidable Five.

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