Fleetfoot Academy

This fountain of knowledge was founded by Galvin Steamcup in Everlast in honor of Lemmings Fleetfoot the third. After seeing how knowledgeable Lemmings was, Galvin decided that the library and institute for learning and knowledge in Everlast should be named after and in honor of it’s wisest citizen.

Little does Galvin know that when Lemmings is in doubt he takes “liberties” in his storytelling and sharing of “wisdom”…

The library is actually quite extensive, especially when taking into account how small the town of Everlast is. Galvin has payed hefty sums for books specially ordered from Waterdeep. It was here that Mata Nui first gained her deep insight into The Evil.

The Fleetfoot Academy came into account during the second Furbolg attack.

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Fleetfoot Academy

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