A truly massive being, the furball is a rare mutation of the Furbolgs. At the infant stage this creature is still too big for it’s furbolg mother and always kills her. There is no specific way to breed a furball, although the furbolg society is a buzz with superstitions regarding it. It is considered a great honor to give birth to a furball and furbolg mothers endure all the superstitions hoping to be chosen to bare this cursed creature.

Furballs are just like furbolgs, a humanoid blend of a hyena, a leopard and cat, except for 2 very distinct differences: 1) The furball adds a fourth creature into the blend; the porcupine. 2) The furball is a little more than four times bigger than the furbolgs with giant claws and a retractable skewer from the top of it’s wrist.

Tog & Bog killed a furball as it was attacking Everlast and Targar Hammerfist is trying to get them Tempes Mar for their valor and dwarven spirit. The furball also skewered them and they died under it’s massive torso.

Appears in:
1. The Unveiling

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