Furbolg laughter Furbolgs are a race of the North, preferring colder climate than not. They could survive in hotter surroundings, if they hunted and preyed on others during the night.

Furbolgs are a humanoid blend of three creatures; a hyena, a leopard and a cat. Their head and facial features are that of a hyena while the coloring becomes more that of a leopard at the neck. They have a thick mane which is usually black and they have razor sharp teeth and claws.

Furbolgs are considered insane by most because they are without a doubt the most chaotic race of the Realms. Although they are evil to the core, their chaotic behavior and demeanor is much more prevalent in their actions. Still, their actions are seldom less than pure evil, sometimes sliding down to just plain evil.

The Furbolgs of the North have long had a great interest in Everlast, for whatever reason. Everlast has held it’s ground as the human bastion of the North; the last town of the North, the town furthest North of the Realms.

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