Guess who's coming for dinner

Session 4

Here we go Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Farmer Johnson, Grimjaw & Snapper.
Npc’s in Lemmings’s flashback: Mysterious Savior.

Key Events:

  • The Formidable Five arrive at Farmer Johnson’s farm to find it ransacked by the orc tribe Bonegnawers. Lemmings recognizes their banner flag and flees the scene.
  • The Formidable Five see Orcs in the distance, vanishing into the woods, confronts and kills them in a bloody battle. It is obvious these are no normal orcs.
  • Farmer Johnson tells them that the farmstead had around 70 people that were captured by the Bonegnawers.
  • The Formidable Five and Farmer Johnson go to the Bonegnawer camp and find the captives plus at least 30 more prisoners. The Formidable Five free them from the orcs, totally annihilate the Bonegnawer tribe and their leaders Snapper and Grimjaw.
  • Lemmings remembers being saved from the Bonegnawer tribe by a mysterious savior.

Lemmings’s flashback:

Lemmings remembers being in a small town that is suddenly attacked by a group of orcs. The attack is incredibly savage but thoroughly organized, a violent orchestra conducted by Snapper. The Orcs burned the houses, raped and plundered and methodically abducted the villagers. Lemmings froze in place between two houses, one of which he had just left. Suddenly, as if from thin air, the true kingpin of this monstrosity appeared in front of Lemmings. Grimjaw grabbed Lemmings and said: “You’re coming with me little man!” This vision flashes before Lemmings’s eyes as he sees the Bonegnawer banner at the start of the session.
At the end of the session Lemmings remembers being rescued from the Bonegnawers when he was their captive. He was in a hole in the ground with bars over it, as a mysterious savior breaks off the bars. He is donned in plate mail armor, and his demeanor is confident and cheerful. He smiles as he looks at Lemmings and says: “It’s allright, you’re safe now little man.”

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Guess who's coming for dinner

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