Tempes Mar

This is the greatest honor a dwarf can receive, be it in death or while alive. This burial rite is as old as the dwarves themselves and incorporates their great admiration for valor, courage and overcoming the odds.

In order to be considered for Tempes Mar one must of course be a dwarf and no Half-Breeds will do. Second one must overcome a foe that is at least four times larger than oneself. Thirdly the kill cannot be for glory or solely for personal gain, but must be done for protection or the greater good of the Realms.

Tog & Bog loved the dwarven race and all it’s idiosyncrasies. Their greatest wish was to be worthy of Tempes Mar and as they killed the Furball that attacked Everlast during The Unveiling, they at least filled out the necessary quota for valor, courage, overcoming great odds and protecting the Realms.

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Tempes Mar

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