The Big Bang

Session 8

The Big BangPc’s attending: Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Biesk, Galor, Hillmn, Jenni’fra Klamron, Lord Boromont, Lord Durathan / The Voice, Norrse, Olaf, Priestess Matara, Tara & The Chemist.

Key Events:

  • On her way to Lord Bormont’s clan, Mata is stopped by Tara who has a different streak on her than before but before Tara can address it Mata drags her into an ally and kisses her firmly and leaves immediately afterwards.
  • Lord Durathan / The Voice gives Mata her new sword. Priestess Matara gives Mata a waterskin of endless water.
  • Mata asks Boromont if he could gather magical items that they could choose from for their journey.
  • Lucas asks Lord Boromont for a Dwarven plate made of mithril, to which he replies there are none that would fit him and it would take years to make one for him. Frustrated, Lucas asks him if he has saved the world to which Boromont replies: “I let others be the judge of that.”
  • Tara approaches Lucas, who is pissed at dwarves in general especially after his talk with Boromont, and drags him to a bar. She convinces Lucas that she and Galor would be much better suited to go with them down to The Core than Despit and Trabbler who she mentions by name.
  • When Tara notices Mata outside with Targar she approaches them and says that Lucas had an idea that she and Galor would be much better suited as the 6th and 7th companion for the journey to the Core. Mata agrees but Targar firmly states that Despit and Trabbler are going and that’s that.
  • Mata, Targar and Lucas are ambushed in the middle of the dwarven city by four rogues, who they quickly dispense.
  • Mata sees a dark figure escaping the scene and recognizes it as the same figure that was menacing towards Targar when he was first spotted in the dwarven entrance hall. They chase the figure to a house that is booby-trapped like it was protecting a dragons horde and miraculously make it through to the cellar where they find The Chemist. He is talking to large crystal ball with an ominous purple glow, which is angry that he hasn’t killed “them”. He sees that they are right there and says: “You’ll never take me alive!” and then detonates himself, killing himself and blowing up the crystal ball.
  • In the underground cave where the Chemist was they find documents that tell them of the existence of The Cult and that the Chemist was behind the explosion that released the Deep Ones. The order for the explosion came from outside the dwarven city and the papers also show that the Chemist was not the head of the Cult and that the Cult is considerably large and well organized.
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The Big Bang

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