The Coronation

Session 17

The Crown Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Bethara, Derek, Despit, Galor, Hawk, Jenni’fra, King Almaz, Lady Kiira, Logan, Lord Boromont, Lord Daviid, Lord Dorniin, Lord Durathan / The Voice, Omnious (Varal), Priestess Matara, Tara & The Historian.
Npc’s in flashback: Ambrose, Kind Stranger, Lucious, Magnificus, Roxy, Varal & Young Master Entr├╝ckt (young Midras).

Creatures: Agamnon.

Key Events:

  • The Formidable Five escort King Almaz’s body back to the Dwarven Kingdom of the North. With them travel over a 100.000 Deep Ones that have now been turned back into Dwarves.
  • After three days the Dwarven Kingdom of the North has accepted the Deep Ones back into their society. They decide to keep the name and live in the tunnels, turning the derogatory term into their banner and strength.
  • Tog & Bog receive Tempes Mar. The week long ceremony touches on every emotion that humanoids can experience.
  • On the 11th day of their rise back from The Core The Formidable Five attend first the funeral for King Almaz and afterwards the coronation for Boromont.
  • Lemmings sees The Man in Black right before the ceremony is about to begin and tries to tell the others about it.
  • Varal appears out of thin air at the ceremony, introducing himself as Omnious; one of The Three and archmage to Khan the Destroyer. He tells them all to lay down their weapons, forget the coronation and leave this place immediately or Khan the Destroyer will lay waste to the Kingdom and all who are in it: “Leave now and he may even let you live!”
  • Lucas objects to this, talks about how Varal taught him before all of this and expresses his confusion.
  • Varal/Omnious looks around and says that Khan asked him to give them something, to make sure that they knew he was serious and could easily enforce his threats. He folds his arms and when they open 18 beans fly out in every direction and then explode as balls of fire when they land in 18 seperate places around the council chambers, killing hundreds of Dwarves. He has vanished once they look back at the center of the room.
  • Targar throws himself on the fireball and protects the people around him, saving among others his grandfather’s life.
  • Mata sees Tara smile during all of this and Galor’s firm and indifferent look, as Varal/Omnious comes up behind them and teleports the three of them away.
  • Targar and Logan go to see The Historian about all of this. He tells them that there have been Destroyers through history although they all had different names. The Destroyers attacked settlements, left no survivors and burned it to the ground. They were never found and appear to have been stopped by high and powerful forces, that didn’t share any details. The last Destroyer was said to have been around 300 years ago and to have been stopped by The Three. And 2000 years ago was the last “recorded” incident of a Destroyer that got far south and destroyed a vast amount of settlement before being stopped. No one knows what kind of horde was with them, if any, what the Destroyers really are or anything like that.
  • Despit tells of his time in the thieves guild in Obscur and that they would get warnings about towns to avoid and to relocate their entire operation there. He didn’t know if Hermes was in on the whole deal or didn’t know where he was getting his information from.
  • Lemmings tells everyone at the Historians that Mata slept with Tara and that Varal/Omnious transported them away.
  • Despit is accepted into The Swift Falcons, provided that he pass their initiation. He stays behind after The Formidable Five leave so that the Historian can properly transcribe what happened up until and at The Core.
  • Logan is going to send ravens to see whether the settlements Despit mentioned have been burned to the ground or not. He will stay at the Dwarven Kingdom of the North and organize the Swift Falcons from there.
  • The Formidable Five get back on the road, heading to Obscur to get answers from Hermes.
  • The Ring that Lemmings took from the magic items that Boromont procured for them, comes into play. It is cursed and all who see it want it. It even goes so far that Targar grabs Mata as she holds it and Lucas grabs Targar. Mata ends up swallowing the ring and the matter is unresolved.

Targar’s and Midras’s flashback:

We see a large banquet hall, made for about 500 people and it is almost filled to the max. The hall is made from brick, most likely a part of some kind of fortress or stronghold. There has been spared no expense; the crystal chandelier’s, the golden goblets and other indicators show that this is as high end as it gets. The people are all dressed in exquisite clothes, top of the line; it doesn’t get any better than this.

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The Coronation

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