The Curse

The Dwarves are said to have been cursed thousands of years ago. One of the aspects of the curse is that they are now mortal. Although they still have a considerably longer lifespan than humans, dwarves are said to have been immortal as they’re brethren the Elves. What else the Curse entailed is unknown and only whispered about by the eldest and wisest of the dwarven clans.

Many argue that it was not a curse at all that happened but a blessing, saying that all that makes dwarves real dwarves is what the Curse made them into. Some even go as far as to say that the Curse separated the dwarves from the elves and any real dwarf would call that a blessing.

But sure enough, something happened to the dwarves thousands of years ago and be it a curse or blessing the Dwarf Lord is said to bring an end to it.

A secret order, The Cult, have taken it upon themselves to protect The Blessing. They are true believers, knowing that what happened all those years ago was the best thing that happened to the dwarven race and if it were ever to be undone it would surely spell their doom. They “know” that the Dwarf Lord is in fact the equivalent of the Anti-Christ. Hence they will do whatever it takes to stop the Dwarf Lord from fulfilling his destined task.

Most agree that the Curse was set upon the dwarves in The Core. This is very deep under their mountain kingdom and some legends say that the curse was set upon them exactly because they dug too far down.

In order to reach the Core one must traverse The Ten Trials of Absalon. Absalon is said to have created the trials to protect the Core. Whether he did that before or after the Curse was put in place is unknown.

The first four trials are titled The Trial of Elements and are in order; earth, fire, air and water.

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The Curse

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