The Formidable Five

The Formidable Five were “founded” a year before the start of the campaign as five individuals, that had little or no knowledge of each other, who banded together on the spot to save the small town of Everlast that was being attacked by Furbolgs. During the attack they saw how well they fit together and for various reasons decided to adventure together through the North of the Realms. As the campaign starts they have traversed the North together, doing many heroics and fighting the wildest of beast, and have made quite a name for themselves.

The Original Formidable Five are:
Lemmings Lucas
Lemmings Fleetfoot the third Lucas Silversun
Mata Nui
Midras Targar
Midras “Manyfriends” Targar Hammerfist

After having traversed the North for more than a year, stopped two Furbolg attacks on Everlast, ended the Bonegnawer tribe and thus its atrocities, having saved the Dwarven Kingdom of the North from the Deep Ones, having braved The Ten Trials and cleansed The Core, stopping The Evil’s plans on countless occasions, sadly Mata Nui met her demise. And “thanks” to magic, she met her demise at the hands of Lucas, who had become her beloved.

When the remaining four sought revenge, Brianna Stormheart joined them and immediately after asked to join their group. The Formidable Four accepted and once again became The Formidable Five:

Brianna Lemmings
Brianna Stormheart Lemmings Fleetfoot the third
Lucas Midras
Lucas Silversun Midras “Manyfriends”
Targar Hammerfist

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The Formidable Five

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