The Party

Session 5

Victory Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui & Targar Hammerfist. Special appearance by Midras “Manyfriends” although the player himself did not entertain us with his presence.

Npc’s: Amber, Ben Johnson, Brianna, Brietta, Claire, Crowsfeet, Derek, Donna, Farmer Johnson, Hawk, Iliana,Lance & Logan.

Key Events:

  • The Swift Falcons appear at the end of the battle and help the prisoners escape safely and kill off the rest of the Bonegnawers. They tell The Formidable Five rumors and news of the North.
  • Mata Nui sleeps with Lance in Snapper’s torture tent.
  • Targar gains great respect from Derek for his wast knowledge and demeanor. He ends their conversation by asking “Are you him?”. Mata gains great respect from Logan for her generous behavior and leadership qualities.
  • Lemmings meets Brietta and they have a romantic night together.
  • Lucas is seduced by Iliana who claims to be a Fair Maiden. Mata in her jealousy drags Ben Johnson into the barn to have sex with him at the same time and in front of them.
  • The Formidable Five get another cache of magical items, but thanks to Mata give all the riches to the prisoners to start new lives.
  • Lucas is greeted by his new sword, as it is an intelligent item and evil and manipulative at that. Lucas has no idea and believes the swords story; that it is an old member of the Brotherhood of the Silversun.
  • Midras “Manyfriends”, thanks to one of his friends, picks a special herb that he’s never seen before and drags Amber, Brianna, Claire and Donna with him out into the woods to smoke it and then some. He continues to smoke the herb everyday for the next week.
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The Party

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