The Sweet Sound of Death from Above

Session 13

Harpies Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Despit & Melina.
Npc’s in flashback: Arcimedius & Varal.

Creatures: Harpies.
Creatures in the flashback: The Demon.

Key Events:

  • The Formidable Five barely escaped trial six in the last session, but thanks to Trabbler’s heroic sacrifice they made it. Now they find themselves in trial seven; The Windy Parapet of Darkness.
  • They arrive at a cluster of traps filled with poisonous gas. At the center of the cluster there is a beam of light that reaches so high that they cannot get over it and it goes so far down into the darkness that they cannot climb under it. Lemmings realizes, with the help of Mata Nui and Despit, that the beam of light is an alarm. And thanks to the book from The Historian they realize that it will most likely awaken some horrible beasts.
  • The Formidable Five ready themselves and then set off the beam of light. Shortly after they hear the most beautiful melody that they’ve ever heard from one side of the parapet as Melina sings her Siren song. Thankfully the group saves each other before they walk off the parapet or trigger more traps.
  • A group of 20 harpies appear, 10 from each side, and they are led by the indomitable Melina. The group manages to finish them off but the Harpies do their damage.
  • Targar decides to walk over all the gas traps and holds his breath indefinitely thanks to his magical shirt. When he sets off the final trap they see a green flame appear high in the air straight ahead of them.
  • About two thirds of the way across the parapet there is another cluster of traps. Lemmings tells Targar that the traps are gaseous, a guess due to the fact that he couldn’t be sure, and Targar stomps on the first trap. Spike’s protrude from the ground covered in Dragon Bile effectively poisoning Targar.
  • When Targar activates that trap, the green flame appears again, which The Formidable Five have gotten much closer to. Thanks to the close distance and the light from the green flame they see a giant serpent like eye which seems to be where the flame originated from.

Mata’s flashback:

We see Mata as a very young girl crouching with her back to the wall, holding her knees. Her chin meets her knees so we can just see her nose and eyes as she longingly looks at all of those around her. She is in an orphanage, the orphanage she grew up in. All around her children are being adopted, adults are finding children and children are finding families. All but her. The adults that come here get an uneasy feeling around her, their faces slightly contort as they see her. This happens again and again as we see things speed up around Mata Nui, but the only change in her is that she grows older and older. Her visage remains the same, the hopeless look on her face as she still crouches against the wall. But then we see as everything slows back down when a shadow comes over her. There in front of her is a man who’s face is kind and welcoming, not contorted in the least. She sees that there is no unease in him, despite the fact that he is close to her. He looks down at her, reaches his hand out to her and says: “Would you like to come home with me little girl?” There is an ominous feeling for us as we hear him say it, but Mata feels only hope, and that is perhaps the first time she feels that feeling.
In the second part we see a collage of memories fleet by from the moment this man, Arcimedius, adopts Mata and up until the moment we are truly witnessing. Arcimedius was at first kind and caring to Mata after he brought her back to his tower. He nurtured her and taught her many a trade, knowledge and skill. He thereafter preceded to ask for just a little blood from her in return. The blood and other things he required from her became more and more sought after and more and more frequent as time passed, while his supposed affection diminished in return. Mata felt less and less like his daughter and more like his prisoner in a place that was once called home but was now a dungeon. She had tried to leave but for some reason she couldn’t. Shortly after it had gotten even worse we see Mata Nui outside Arcimedius’s chamber at the top of the tower as he’s arguing with someone: “You can’t do this Arcimedius! This is abominable, surely you can’t be as ominous as your actions show you to be?! You started The Three to make the Realms a better place. You even convinced me to join. I was so reluctant, I didn’t see the merit of your cause. But YOU convinced me, YOU showed me the error of my ways. Where is your conviction my friend, it is lacking in your actions! WHERE is it? You cannot do this! If you continue along this path I’ll be forced to stop you!” She sees Varal scream this at Arcimedius, all the while Arcimedius sits there without a care in the world, obviously unmoved by Varal’s agitated state and outburst. His only response to Varal’s threat is: “You…and what army?” We see as Varal’s spirit breaks at that moment, he knows that he is no match for the all powerful Arcimedius, especially after his recent acquisition of demon magic. His defeat is evident, Varal is not leaving the way he wanted. He has no response to Arcimedius’s answer, so he walks out without a word and closes the door behind him. In the constant state of fear that Mata lives in her first reaction is to hide as Varal comes out. After the door closes, Varal looks down at where Mata is hiding and with a heavy heart and deep sigh he says: “Don’t worry little girl, it’ll all be over soon.”
In the third flashback we again see a collage of memories fleet by that show us what was being referred to when it was said that things had gotten even worse for Mata Nui and the monstrosities that Varal was referring to in his lecture over Arcimedius. We see how Arcimedius no longer draws only blood from Mata but uses her for ceremonies as a focal point. At the end of the collage of memories we see a giant summoning circle with a pentagram painted on the floor with Mata’s blood. Mata is chained to the wall in front of the pentagram and Arcimedius is casting a horrible spell. We see a huge and terrible Demon arise from the pentagram and a ominous grin spread across Arcimedus’s face. The demon becomes locked inside the pentagram. The collage ends and we’re see a moment in time that happens shortly after the argument between Varal and Arcimedius. In the basement of Arcimedius’s tower, where the summoning occurred and The Demon is still kept, and Mata is also being kept inside a prison chamber that has been built for her. This is during the night, but Mata cannot sleep any more than usual with that Demon outside her prison door. All of the sudden she hears a thud outside her door, there’s someone there but she can’t see who. The being/person mumbles something that she can’t understand and all of the sudden The Demon is free! The Demon slams the being/person and it flies across the room landing hard on the wall and omitting a gasp. We hear a thud again and the being/person vanishes. The Demon turns to face Mata Nui, who backs as far into her cell as she can, as The Demon’s massive claw passes between the bars and stops just in front of her face. “I’ll be back to deal with you later!” There is a grin on The Demon’s face as he says that. Then he climbs the stairs up Arcimedius’s tower. Mata can hear him reach the top and Arcimedius’s terrible screams as The Demon repays for his imprisonment. The tower starts to crumble and then it falls on top of itself. The prison chamber crumbles as well, Mata was almost crushed. Then the floor opens underneath her and there’s an underground tunnel there. It leads her to the surface, where she would continue to flee her demonic ancestry indefinitely.

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The Sweet Sound of Death from Above

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