The Ten Trials

In order to reach The Core one must traverse The Ten Trials of Absalon. Absalon is said to have created the trials to protect the Core. Whether he did that before or after The Curse was put in place is unknown.

The first four trials are titled The Trial of Elements and are in order; earth, fire, air and water. They were specifically made to keep out all evil, especially The Evil.

The fifth one, like the tenth one, is made to keep everyone out regardless of motive or intentions. The Fifth trial is called The Guardians and it is a thoroughly booby trapped bridge, lined with Agamnon on either side. This trial separates the good traps from the evil ones.

Trials six, seven, eight and nine were specifically made to keep out misguided or misled good forces, be they humanoid or not. They are in order; The Furnace, The Windy Parapet of Darkness, The Mess Hall & The Armory.

The tenth trial, The Library, is increasingly difficult for those with a thirst for knowledge for this literally is a fountain of knowledge. It is the ultimate test and only those with fierce determination, and then some, can pass through it. For to take a book is to pay with your life.

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The Ten Trials

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