Then there were Four

Session 19

Mata's final resting place Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui, Targar Hammerfist & introducing Brianna Stormheart.

Npc’s: Amber, Ben Johnson, Brianna Stormheart, Brietta, Claire, Donna, Farmer Johnson, General Denton, Lance, Sammael & Volcheck.

Creatures: The Crone.

1 minute silence: Before the session we, Fagrir Folar +5, had a 1 minute silence for Mata Nui. We even gave her our honorary salute.

Key Events:

  • Mata Nui does not return as Sammael tries to resurrect her.
  • The Formidable Five, now four, bury Mata Nui, with Sammael performing the ceremony.
  • Brianna Stormheart approaches them after the funeral and joins them as they seek revenge.
  • The Formidable Five, aided by Brianna and Sammael, destroy The Coven and The Crone. Brianna’s healing efforts rescue Brietta as her life force is about to be used to resurrect Amber.
  • Claire survives the attack, Sammael frees her of the possession. She is completely insane after the ordeal, but provides valuable information about The Evil. Sammael says he will ask his god to free her from the affliction.
  • Midras is still a frog when the session ends.
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Then there were Four

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