The Formidable Five

2. The Doctor is in
Tog & Bog's bodies are stolen and used as parts for a undead abomination. The Formidable Five follow the trail and save the town of Hamlet from the undead monster, successfully recovering Tog & Bog's bodies.

Castle von Hammersmitt Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Amanda, Despit, Doctor Muses, Galvin Steamcup, Hermes, Hester, Mayor Honeybeard, Olive, Peter Muses, Renfield, Trabbler, Tog & Bog.
Npc’s in Mata’s dream: Mystery Man.

Key events:

  • Targar prepares Tog & Bog for Tempes Mar and gives Hester all the gold he had collected for a new smithy so that he can rebuild his twins Inn.
  • Mata studies books at the Fleetfoot Academy about the North and what’s really going on there; she learns of The Evil.
  • The Formidable Five hear all sorts of rumors in Everlast about what is going on in the North.
    • Thievery in Obscur is up, actually in all of the North.
    • Because of the great weather farming in the North is better.
    • The reasons for this incredible warmth in the North are debated about:
      • Fire Giants.
      • Dragons fighting.
      • A massive volcano.
      • Gods using the North as their battleground.
    • There is talk of Khan the Destroyer, who is said to attack settlements, burning them to the ground and leaving no one alive.
    • There is talk of the Dwarf Lord prophecy and it is said that it is supposed to happen now.
    • The Lords of the North are succeeding from their respective Kingdoms.
  • All in all The Formidable Five stay in Everlast for a week after the Furbolg attack.
  • During the week Mata stays with Hester and Lucas stays with Amanda. Lucas questions Amanda about Fair Maiden’s and her knowledge of the Brotherhood of the Silversun but gets few answers and even more questions.
  • Lemmings Fleetfoot the third tries to get Amanda alone to talk with her even going so far as spying on her and Lucas, curious about The Orange Stuff she used to save Lucas, but somehow he can’t get alone or in a proper setting until right before they leave. She tells him that the orange stuff was something Lucas gave her for safe keeping a year ago. She also tells him that she’s worried about Lucas. He’s sweet and kind to her and she likes him very much but he seems to be very confused and incoherent, hearing one thing when she said another and the like. She says that he keeps talking about his brother in his sleep. She asks Lemmings to look after him, seeing as he seems to be the leader of the group.
  • The Formidable Five break Razor’s massive 2 handed sword and a purple smoke stems from the broken hilt and in the cracks they see horrible Abyssal runes.
  • Lucas becomes convinced that Lemmings is a member of the Brotherhood of the Silversun.
  • The Formidable Five arrive in Obscur, get drunk and in the dead of night Despit and Trabbler steal Tog & Bog’s bodies. The group finds out that the pair is a part of a thieves guild and confronts them at Hermes’s, their guild master, headquarters. Hermes is about to kill Despit and Trabbler for disobeying his orders about dealing in cadavers, but the group gets the pair delivered to them after promising to deal with them accordingly.
  • Lucas and Targar argue about how they’re going to deal with Despit and Trabbler.
  • Despit and Trabbler take The Formidable Five to the Castle where they sold the bodies. Renfield is surprised as they barge in just in time to see Doctor Muses creation, the Blob, awaken. Tog & Bog’s mangled bodies are a part of the massive creature.
  • Targar kills Doctor Muses in one fell swoop, for using Tog & Bog in his monstrous creation
  • The Blob charges Hamlet screaming for Olive and wreaking havoc where it goes. The Formidable Five make slay the creature, save the town and recover Tog & Bog’s bodies.
  • Mata finds her bracelet and recalls she had a dream about it and a mysterious lover.

Mata’s dream:

In the first dream we see Mata and a mysterious man lying in a beautiful bed with dark brown frames and white satin sheets. We do not see their surrounding but rather a white light that covers all that we can see, besides them and the bed. They lie in bed, naked, holding each other. We can obviously see how comfortable they are together and how in love they are. They look at each other and pause only to kiss each other and to gaze into each others eyes, telling with that gaze all that is needed to be said.
In the second dream they are still lying in bed but now they are talking. The mystery man tells Mata how much he loves her and that because of their love they are unstoppable. He tells her that he would brave the deepest valley, scale the highest mountain, why even wade through hell itself for her. His love for her knows no bounds. We see how comfortable Mata is hearing these words, knowing that they are true.
In the third and final dream they are still in bed but now we see a bracelet adorning Mata Nui’s wrist and the mystery man is staring at it. He talks about it’s great, immense power, says that with this there is no limit to the good they could do. With this there is no end to how great the Realms could be; with this they could change all the world for the better. The dream ends and when Mata Nui finds the bracelet in Castle von Hammersmitt she suddenly remembers this final dream.


Hermes was considered to be the god of thieves.
Muses were the nine goddesses of science. Doctor Muses (the crazy scientist) is based on John Noble’s unforgettable character Dr. Walter Bishop in Fringe.

1. The Unveiling
On the one year anniversary of The Formidable Five's saving of Everlast from the Furbolg menace, they have to do it again.

The Unveiling Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Amanda, Galvin Steamcup, Hester, Mayor Honeybeard, Razor, The Man in Black, Tog & Bog.

Key Events:

  • For the past few years, the whole North of the Realms has been warmer than ever. It hasn’t even snowed!
  • The Formidable Five arrive in Everlast, due to Mayor Honeybeard’s invitation, to celebrate the one year anniversary of their heroic saving of the town from the Furbolg attack.
  • When they arrive they see that the day has been made into a holiday, a planned yearly holiday celebrating The Formidable Five. The townspeople have gathered in the street to welcome them in awe, while the guards view them with a mixture of fear and respect.
  • The town has tripled in size, going from 500 residents to 1500.
  • Mayor Honeybeard welcomes them formally in the town square, where something gigantic has been hidden beneath a well woven veil. He asks them to return to the square in 5 hours time, to catch the last strong rays of light of day.
  • Hammerfist’s, Tog & Bog’s Inn & Tavern, is located in the town square. Targar runs in to see his sons and is greeted by their normal wrestling match. The twins introduce The Formidable Five to Hammerfist, their massive new “ale”.
  • Lemmings is introduced to the Fleetfoot Academy by Galvin Steamcup, it’s founder. Lemmings does a short lecture there before the Unveiling.
  • Amanda, Lucas’s Fair Maiden, drags him to her home for some sweet loving. Afterwards she gives him “back” his Silver Dagger that he has stored with her for the last year and says that he must shed blood with it today in the coming struggle. Lucas doesn’t understand what that means.
  • The night before, Lucas and Mata almost kissed for the first time. Their romance almost came to fruition but they were interrupted by Lemmings. Seeing Lucas go off with Amanda, Mata seduces and sleeps with Hester in a jealous fit.
  • Lemmings bumps into The Man in Black right before the Unveiling, just as he did a year ago and as he has done before other catastrophes that he’s witnessed. The Furbolg attack a year ago started right after Lemmings bumped into him. Lemmings remembers that a year ago as The Man in Black walked away in a state of disappointment, he saw a boulder flying through the air and land on Targar’s home and smithy. Targar’s wife was inside the house and died that day.
  • During the Unveiling, Mayor Honeybeard unveils the incredibly well done statues of The Formidable Five with a statue of him standing larger than life behind them and then gives a speech about how Everlast need not worry with heroes as these in their midst.
  • In the speech it becomes evident that the growth of Everlast, the citizens overwhelming awe and the revering fear the guards show them, are all due to Mayor Honeybeard’s exaggerated promotion of The Formidable Five.
  • Lemmings tries to warn the others that something bad is coming, without success.
  • Suddenly a massive boulder destroys the mayor’s statue and Tog & Bog’s Inn. The Furbolgs attack at that moment, on the one year anniversary of their previous attack.
  • The Furbolgs are the most chaotic beings the Realms have ever seen, as was evident in their “tactics” last year. But now they somehow manage to hold ranks and attack as an organized army.
  • Lemmings saves the Fleetfoot Academy from being burned down. More importantly, Lemmings taunts the Furbolgs, breaks their formation and becomes known throughout the Realms for his war cry.
  • Lucas saves two children just as they are about to be viciously butchered by a pair of Furbolgs, shielding them from their parents corpses and getting them to safety.
  • The Formidable Five stop the Furbolgs a second time, this time killing their leader and all the other attackers. They save Everlast from being overcome by the Furbolgs savage attack, which targeted men, women and children alike.
  • Tog and Bog are killed, but not before they take down an attacking Furball. Their final words to their father are Tempes Mar.
  • Lucas falls when fighting Razor, the Furbolg leader, but Amanda arrives and gives him a bottle of orange liquid which brings him back to consciousness and gives him some of his vitality back.


To cast the glamor tongued part of Mayor Honeybeard properly I needed to cast it with a bit of irony but still with the gift of gab, so Brad Dourif was perfect after his role as Grima Wormtongue.


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