Galvin Steamcup

Quite taken with the extraordinary feats and knowledge of one Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Galvin started the Fleetfoot Academy (FA) in Everlast.


Played by Sean Austin.

Galvin is excited by everything pertaining to knowledge and after Mayor Honeybeard’s propaganda regarding The Formidable Five Lemmings became something of a legend. Galvin is kind and polite, but as stated before very excitable. A good lecture rivals any celebration and a good book will do better than any pub crawl. Not a closed person, Galvin is quite the outgoing man despite his thirst for knowledge. The two are of course not mutually exclusive, but don’t tend to go together.


Founded the Fleetfoot Academy in Everlast in honor of Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, the most knowledgeable person he’s ever met.

Appears in:
1. The Unveiling
2. The Doctor is in

Galvin Steamcup

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