An ancient, in the true meaning of the word, bright orange dragon, that swore to protect The Core once The Evil had tainted it.


Played by Richard Harris.


After the paladin had stopped The Evil from using The Core to end the world, Absalon asked Glaurung to guard the entrance to The Core itself. It was after all tainted by The Evil. Absalon told Glaurung of the future he saw, that the Dwarf Lord would end The Curse that The Evil had placed on Dwarves, using The Core to do so. Absalon foretold that the Dwarf Lord would also relieve The Core of The Evil’s taint.

Glaurung waited at The Core for 2000 years, that is until The Formidable Five arrived.


The name comes from J.R.R Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Glaurung was a fire breathing dragon known as “The Deceiver”.

Appears in:
15. Trials End
16. The Tainted Core


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