A human ranger and a member of The Swift Falcons. Everyone suspects that the only reason Lance is a part of the elite ranger unit is because he is Logan's brother.


Played by Channing Tatum.

A smirky, cocky and boasting individual with a flare for exaggerations and flirtation.


Lance is Logan’s brother. The Swift Falcons are an elite ranger force, a necessary combination of rangers for the excessively dangerous North. No one knows how Lance passed the necessary requirements or met the standards for the troupe, but all suspect that it is because of his family connection.

Lance had sex with Mata Nui while they were still in the Bonegnawers encampment, more precisely in Snapper’s torture tent. When Mata realized the scenario in which she had just fornicated in she left in a hurry, leaving Lance to wonder what he had done wrong. He hesitantly tried approaching her during the party but all was in vain.

Appears in:
5. The Party
18. Confusion
20. A Change of Pace (unbeknownst to The Formidable Five Lance places flowers on Mata Nui’s grave.)


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