A human ranger who is one of the leaders of The Swift Falcons. He is a prominent figure in the North, both feared and revered.


Played by Chris Hemsworth.


There are few men worthy enough to lead the elite force that The Swift Falcons are, but Logan is one of them.

Logan has a brother, Lance, who is also a ranger in The Swift Falcons. Most people think that Logan helped Lance get into the troupe, but…

When Logan’s troupe ran into The Formidable Five, he was amazed to find out that in his opinion they did not live up to the hype. But one of the members, Mata Nui, he found to be even more than what he expected; an even greater example of how amazing humanoids can be. Logan has great respect for Mata and anxiously awaits her return with a translation from the book they found in Snapper’s tent.

Appears in:
5. The Party
17. The Coronation


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