Lord Durathan/The Voice

Lord Boromont's father, Targar's grandfather, the head of his clan and the architect of Boromont's ascension to king.


Played by Brian Cox.


Lord Durathan serves as The Voice for the Dwarven Kingdom of the North. As clan leader he cannot become King as well so this is as powerful a position as he can muster under the circumstance.

Durathan is Boromont’s father and Targar’s grandfather. He made a deal with Daviid’s father, Lord Dorniin, regarding the marriage of Lady Kiira to his son Boromont, much to Lord Daviid’s and Ulara’s dismay. But perhaps, or perhaps not, this was Dorniin’s plot all along…

Appears in:
7. The Dwarf Lord
8. The Big Bang
9. NO!
17. The Coronation

Lord Durathan/The Voice

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