A human rogue with a knack for getting himself and his friend Despit in trouble. The pair stole the bodies of Targar's sons and sold them to Doctor Muses.


Played by Dominic Monaghan.


Trabbler is Despit’s best friend and they both come from the town of Obscur.

When The Formidable Five faced off with the Fire Golem in trial six of The Ten Trials, Trabbler sacrificed his life by taking the hit for Targar Hammerfist so that he and the rest of the group could get away.

Appears in:
2. The Doctor is in
5. The Party
6. In the halls of the Mountain Lords
7. The Dwarf Lord
9. NO!
10. Going it on faith
11. Wading through the Vortex
12. Crossing the Fiery Course of Constructs


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