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  • Lord Daviid

    [[:lemmings|Lemmings]] saw that Lord Daviid smiled when the [[Agamnon]] crushed [[:king-wulfgar]] to smithereens. *_Appears in:_* *6. [[In the halls of the Mountain Lords]]* *7. [[The Dwarf Lord]]* *17. [[The Coronation]]*

  • Lord Boromont

    Boromont is [[:targar|Targar's]] father, but because he was afraid [[:lord-daviid]] would become king after [[:king-wulfgar|Wulfgar]] had passed, he could not risk marrying Targar's [[:ulara|mother]] and raise his son. He chose to protect the kingdom over …

  • Lord Durathan/The Voice

    Lord Durathan serves as The Voice for the [[Dwarven Kingdom of the North]]. As clan leader he cannot become King as well so this is as powerful a position as he can muster under the circumstance. Durathan is [[:lord-boromont|Boromont's]] father and [[: …

  • Lord Dorniin

    Lord Dorniin is [[:lord-daviid|Lord Daviid's father]] and the architect of his clans ascension to power. He arranged for [[:lord-boromont|Lord Boromont's]] and [[:lady-kiira|Lady Kiira's]] marriage and his plans may take a while to get full effect, but …