Crossing the Fiery Course of Constructs

Session 12

Lava Pc’s attending: Lemmings Fleetfoot the third, Lucas Silversun, Mata Nui Midras “Manyfriends” & Targar Hammerfist.

Npc’s: Despit & Trabbler.
Npc’s in flashback: Apollodorus, Mayor Honeybeard, Mesnor, Roxy, Roxy’s brother, Tog & Bog.

Creatures: Agamnon, Guardian of the Furnace & Tunnel Spider.

Key Events:

Targar’s flashback:

Targar is looking out the window at his twin sons, Tog & Bog while Apollodorus the architect and Mayor Honeybeard are trying to convince him to agree to building wooden buildings instead of those “stone monstrosities” (according to Apollodorus, who designed the whole of Everlast). Targar has already stubbornly said no and that was that but now Apollodorus was becoming rude. Roxy enters the room and calls Apollodorus a small insignificant man with small and insignificant ideas and he can take his ideas and stick them where the sun don’t shine. The people of Everlast know better than to try and argue with Roxy but the pair are shocked by this response. When Apollodorus is about to speak Roxy tell him to get out of her stone house and never come back. Targar can see that his wife is in a more Valkyric mood than usual and asks her about it. She tells him that she is nervous about meeting her brother, since he was taken into foster when he was just a child and she hasn’t met him since. She talks about how nerve wrecking the unknown is, how it takes its toll on all of since in our essence we strive to control the havoc that is life. And there is no planning for the unknown, no way of knowing if one can handle it.
In the second part of the flashback we see Targar at the door and outside he can hear two men talking. When he opens the door he sees Roxy’s brother but no one else around to account for the other voice. Roxy’s brother looks at Targar and then back in the distance and shouts to Mesnor that it seems like he’s found the house. The day passes and Targar and Roxy get to know her brother and Mesnor, both of them paladins. As the night progresses and after they’ve talked for quite a while, Roxy’s brother approaches Targar about Honeybeard and Apollodorus. He says he heard about them from Roxy and says that he shouldn’t worry about such men that talk so noisily, there is seldom bite behind men that bark so loudly. As we see Mesnor in the background we hear Roxy’s brother say: “You should rather worry about the quiet ones, for their intent is unsure and they might be lions when they strike!”

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Crossing the Fiery Course of Constructs

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